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Some airlines have a terrible record for punctuality, nearly 30% of Easyjet flights are late or suffer delay so if your flight has been delayed or cancelled then you are entitled to compensation for your delayed flight and we can help process your claim so it’s successful.

How The Flight Delay Claims Process Works

I've been flying on various airlines for over 10 years and never thought I could make a claim because of any flights I took that were cancelled, delayed or re-routed. AirClaims.co.uk managed to get me a considerable amount of compensation for my troubles.

About Us

We Operate On A No Win No Fee Basis

AirClaims is the hassle-free way to claim for compensation on your flight. Backed by other heavyweights in the industry, and a leading database of flight statistics, we combine to make a formidable team who do everything to ensure you get your settlement.

As Independent Flight Claim Specialists, we are passionate about winning a payout for every client we take on, in the least amount of time. Customers come to us because we get results for them; as we often hear stories of airlines outright refusing to pay out anything at all, or they have been told the claim is invalid, when it really is valid. 

This can lead to a lot of frustration when you are ‘up against a big airline’ when making your flight claim.

We ‘take on’ the airlines and will guarantee to do our best to recover compensation for you. Our success rate in claiming money back for delayed flights is second to none.

Types Of Claims We Can Help With

There are different categories of claims that are covered under the EU Regulation 261 and we can help you regardless of which category your claim falls under.

Delayed Flight

This is the most common type of claim as most airlines suffer some form of lateness. Check out the worse performing airlines for lateness.

Cancelled Flight

Less rare than delays, a flight being cancelled can have a dramatic impact on your financial circumstances. The airline has a legal responsibilities the go over and above just compensating you for the flight.

Denied Boarding

It’s common practice for an airline to overbook a flight, most flights are overbooked as the airline knows that there is always a percentage of no shows, so they are able to make money of passengers that never turn up.

However, this is a risky strategy and on numerous occasions it backfires and leaves the airline with an overbooked flight. If you have found yourself in this situation, then you are able to make a claim.

Types Of Claims We Can't Help With

Some of the claims that we cannot offer assistance with but are likely covered by your travel insurance.

Lost Lugguage

You do have a legal right to make a claim if an airline has lost your luggage. There are two courses of action you can take. If you have travel insurance then you could make a claim with your provider.

You can make a claim with the airline directly however you cannot carry out both, as this is classed a profiting from an insurance claim and your insurance company will highly likely reject your insurance claim.

Delay Caused By A Strike

If the strike is delayed or cancelled due to the airlines staff taking industrial action, then you are able to make a claim for compensation. If it’s down to airport staff or other support staff that are not employed by the airline, then you cannot claim compensation.

Natural Disasters

I can remember the Icelandic volcanic ash incident that lead to thousands of cancelled flights. This type of incident falls out of he control of the airline and therefore they are not liable to compensate you for your losses under these circumstances.

Bad Weather

Similar to natural disasters, hurricanes, tornados, heavy snow falls and other ‘acts of God’ that are out of anyones control can result in delays or cancellations. You cannot clam compensation for such incidents.

Refused Boarding Due To Intoxication, Drugs or Bad Behaviour

The airline has a duty of care to other passengers and they can refuse you entry to the aircraft. If you are under the influence of drugs, had too much alcohol or are behaving inappropriately then you cannot claim for compensation if you are refused entry.

None EU Airlines Unless Flying To An EU Country

Unfortunately if you are travelling with an airline that isn’t based in the EU or your flight wasn’t departing or returning to the EU, then we cannot help you claim compensation.

Political Problems

Political unrest is a major concern in certain parts of the world and when it interferes with the aviation industry you cannot claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight.

Security Or Safety Issues

Safety is a major concern and millions of flights are taken each year without any issue. Occasionally there are safety concerns onboard a plane or in an airport, and this take priority over whether the flight gets there on time or not. 

Airline Has Gone Bust

Probably the worst of the bunch but when an airline goes bust there is very little you can do to be compensated for the inconvenience. You can claim through your travel insurance, cred card or ABTA.