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I've been flying on various airlines for over 10 years and never thought I could make a claim because of any flights I took that were cancelled, delayed or re-routed. AirClaims.co.uk managed to get me a considerable amount of compensation for my troubles.

How The Flight Claim Process Works

Enter your details onto our online claim form

Simply enter your flight details (flight number, dates of travel & number of passengers). 

Our systems check your claim with no obligation

You get compensation*

You don't pay a thing until your case is won. *If your claim is successful you get your delayed flight refund.

Why You Should Use Air Claims Today?

  • Check if you are eligible and due flight delay compensation; with no obligation or financial cost to you
  • Simple online claims process; meaning we do it all for you so you can avoid the costs & hassle of pursuing the airlines yourself
  • No Win - No Fee = you don't pay anything until we win!
  • You are under no obligation to continue with your claim if you change your mind.

If You've had a Flight Delayed in the Last 6 Years, 
You May Be Entitled to Flight Compensation

How We Can Help You

    • Over 97% Success Rate
    • Risk Free: Pay only when we win!
    • We can assist you within 48 hours
    • 4.5 / 5 Star Ratings!

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    About us

    AirClaims.co.uk is the hassle-free way to claim for compensation on your flight. Backed by other heavyweights in the industry, and a leading database of flight statistics, we combine to make a formidable team who do everything to ensure you get your settlement.

    As Independent Flight Claim Specialists, we are passionate about winning a payout for every client we take on, in the least amount of time. Customers come to us because we get results for them; as we often hear stories of airlines outright refusing to pay out anything at all, or they have been told the claim is invalid, when it really is valid. This can lead to a lot of frustration when you are 'up against a big airline'.

    We 'take on' the airlines and will guarantee to do our best to recover compensation for you. Our success rate in flight delay compensation is second to none. 

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