Flybe Delayed Flight Compensation – Get Over £540 For Each Delayed Passenger

Looking to travel throughout the EU? Flybe is the largest, cheapest airline for flying within Europe. Headquartered in the Jack Walker House inside Exeter’s International Airport, Flybe has hubs throughout key U.K cities. Flybe’s numbers are impressive. They have 180 routes across 65 airports in over a dozen countries. Their most popular route is from Southampton to Jersey. During the summer, about 270 flights operate on this route to serve holiday travellers.

Their website lists all routes available. Aside from the Southampton to Jersey route mentioned above, some other popular destinations include Milan, Vienna and Paris. Many international flights are available from Flybe hubs in both the Birmingham and Manchester airports.

History of Flybe

Created in 1979, Flybe has undergone a lot of name changes and mergers over the years. Originally known as Jersey European, then British European, the moniker Flybe was adopted in 2002. Throughout the 1980’s the company secured a variety of routes. In 1991, they acquired their first London route, from Guernsey and Jersey to Gatwick. They eventually grew enough to obtain international statues. Flybe currently has partnerships and code shares with Air France, Finnair, British Airways and Eithad Airways.

The Flybe Passenger Experience

If you’re flying Flybe, you’re urged to join their Spend&Fly program, formerly known as their Rewards4All program. Flybe is actually the first budget airline in the U.K. to offer a frequent flier reward program. Spend&Fly works pretty much how it sounds. When passengers spend certain amounts, usually over £4,000, they’re rewarded with bonus return flights across Europe. Even if your family only goes on holiday once a year these rewards can add up quickly.

Passenger Satisfaction and On-Time Arrival

There are numerous factors which can affect passenger satisfaction, and not all of them are issues the airline has control over. Weather and other flights can impact on-time arrival. The amount of Flybe delays is below the industry average but they do still occur. Fortunately, financial recourse is available.

U.K. regulations offers compensation, even if the delay occurred over six years in the past. Click the link below for more information keeping in mind you will need flight details to hand…