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It is estimated that every day, over 600 flights are delayed, cancelled or re-routed across the globe.

Luckily we maintain a database of ALL delayed flights in detail, which means we may carry the information required to successfully win compensation for your specific flight. 

Top 3 UK Airports delayed (in hours/days) from 2015

Below are the total average delays from all major UK Airports from stats gathered in 2015*. Sorted by highest wait time to lowest.  

With the highest average total delays in 2015 - Equivalent to over 12 days of delays! 

293.6 hrs Gatwick Airport

With the second highest average total delays in 2015 - Equivalent to nearly 9 days of delays! 

209.6 hrs Manchester Airport

With the third highest average total delays in 2015 - Equivalent to 4.5 days of delays! 

111.8 hrs Luton Airport


99.7 hrs
99.3 hrs

Bristol Airport

51.2 hrs

Exeter Airport

24 hrs

Really this should be the one in first place, with the lowest wait time for flights with issues...

11.5 hrs Durham Tees Airport

BUT... The combined total number of hours for all the above airports is staggering, nearly 2.5 months worth of stoppages over 365 days...

Total delays - 1,750 Hours or 72.9 Days!

Best of the rest

We have no stats on the below airports, as such we believe their delays to be minimal as compared to the major airports listed above.

  • Anglesey Airport
  • Aberdeen International Airport
  • Cambridge International Airport
  • Gloucestershire Airport
  • Humberside Airport
  • Leicester Airport
  • Norwich International Airport

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*Source: Civil Aviation Authority -