Airport Delays: Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield

Even if you’ve never been to Robin Hood Airport, you’re probably still familiar with the basic layout. This is because Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield has been in many popular TV programmes and films. The popular BBC comedy Come Fly with Me was shot here, as well as the Channel 4 film Four Lions.

Today, the airport is Yorkshire’s second largest airport. About 700,000 passengers pass through the airport annually.Many of those passengers went to or from destinations in Poland. Roughly one-third of all flights from Robin Hood airport involves Poland travel. Other popular destinations from this airport include Tenerife, Alicante and Faro.

A variety of so-called “budget travel” airlines operate from Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield. These airlines offer extremely low fares to popular summer holiday hotspots. Some travel airlines with a big presence at the airport include:

The Historical Importance of Robin Hood Airport

Over 100 years ago, this site was known as Finningley Airfield. The Royal Flying Corps used the location as a base and training ground during the First World War. Bomber crews were trained here.

Finningley Airfield played a key role during the Cold War as well. Similar to its function during WWI, the base was again used as a training facility, this time for Vulcan bombers. These are planes equipped with nuclear weapons. Finningly Airfield continued to train pilots until the base was eventually decommissioned in 1995.

Ten years later, Robin Hood Airport Doncaster officially opened as a commercial airport. From 2005 until 2007, the airport thrived. Most of these flights were short holiday flights.

The Current State of Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield

Today, the airport has no military presence and is an entirely commercial enterprise. With a nod to their roots, however, there is still a variety of aviation instruction on-site. This includes pilot training and flying lessons.

Although Robin Hood is one of Britain’s main airports, many have recently called into question whether the airport is even needed. Since 2005, renovations have exceeded £100 million, yet passenger numbers continue to fall.

On-Time Arrivals and Departures at Robin Hood Airport

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