Flights Delayed at Leeds Bradford Airport?

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Deferred flights affecting Leeds Bradford (England’s 9th Busiest Airport*)

leeds bradford delays

Leads Bradford Airport is an international airport in Yeadon. It was first opened in October 1931 under the name, Yeadon Aerodrome. Many locals still prefer to use Yeadon Airport to this day.

The airport was designed to serve the cities of Leeds and Bradford but as the largest airport within Yorkshire, it serves virtually all surrounding areas including York, Wakefield and the District of Harrogate.*Leeds Bradford was the 16th busiest airport in the UK and the 9th busiest in England outside of London. Several airlines use the airport as a base including Monarch Airlines and Ryanair, Thomas Airways and

History of suspended flights at Leeds Bradford:

There is very little chance of witnessing any major Airport delays at Leeds Bradford Airport. This is according to figures from the Civil Aviation Authority after analysing air travel from the airport in the 3rd quarter of 2015. The airport had the highest number of on time flights and registered the largest year on year improvement. Apart from the general modus operandi at the airport, the fact that customer service is top notch and passengers don’t need to walk more than 5 minutes from security to the boarding zone could be possible contributing factors to such good records.

However, there are scenarios where the airlines can do very little to avoid prolonged stoppages:

  • The strike by French air traffic controllers in 2016 affected hundreds of flights.
  • In 2014, a PIA Leeds Bradford flight was diverted to Manchester following bad weather. Passengers were left in the plane for 7 hours!
  • In March 2016, a Tenerife bound flight was delayed for 10 hours after a couple of inches of snow.

Therefore, even though you are less likely to face prolonged postponements, there is no telling when it will happen. Our duty here is to make sure you are duly compensated where the airline can be found wanting. We have the experience to analyse all possible excuses presented by the airline. We are experts in handling Leeds-Bradford flight claims!