British Airways Flight Delay Compensation – Claim £500 Per Passenger

If you have been let down by British Airways and you are looking to make a BA delay claim, then our handy flight compensation calculator can work out how much you can claim for a flight that has been delayed.

What’s great is that the figure quoted in the calculator is per passenger which is important to remember when seeking compensation for BA flight delays. So you could get up to €600 per passenger which is over £500 for a delayed flight.

If your flight was cancelled by British Airways, then the rules are slightly different and I’d encourage you to check out the BA cancelled flight compensation page of our website.

As a family of your travelling could receive in excess of £2000 for a delayed flight.



Passengers have claimed millions back over the years from companies like BA due to unnecessary flight delays.

Once you know if you are eligible to make a claim then you can send a claim letter to:

British Airways Customer Relations (S506)
PO Box 5619
CO10 2PG

If you have experienced flight delays with any other airline and are looking to get compensated for a flight delay then we can give you the support you need to make a successful claim.

BA Delay Compensation – How To Get Expenses

British Airways have included information on their website on how you can submit an expense claim if your flight is delayed.

BA will reimburse your expenses for any of the following as part of a flight delay:

  • Hotel accommodation (where necessary).
  • Transport between the hotel and the airport (where necessary).
  • Meals and refreshments.
  • Two telephone calls or internet-related costs to contact people outside the airport.

Please note that the expenses are in addition to the compensation that you are entitled to, not instead of the compensation.

Anything Else You Should Consider Before Making A BA Claim?

You board a flight for a reason, usually a business trip or a significant life event. You’ve normally saved a long time and worked hard to get to a position whereby you can afford to fly. This is why there are such strict rules governing airlines as it can be one of the most expensive forms of travel.

If BA has let you down then don’t feel guilty about making a BA claim for a flight delay, it’s your right as a consumer and until there was an EU ruling regarding this, the airlines never took it seriously, despite the consequences to their passengers.