Cardiff Airport Flight Delay Compensation – You Could Claim €600 Compensation Per Passenger!

If you’re tired of waiting for over 3 hours for your flight to depart or arrive at Cardiff Airport, you can now claim compensation of up to €600 per passenger.

Why are there delays, overbooked flights, and cancellations at Cardiff Airport? Well, this is mainly because Cardiff Airport is Wales’ national airport and caters to passengers in Cardiff and travellers to/from Mid, West and South Wales. The number of passengers at Cardiff Airport is among the lowest in the United Kingdom and in 2007, the highest number of passengers recorded at this airport was 2.1 million, which fell to around 1 million in the year 2012 and in 2015, the airport served around 1.2 million passengers.

Reasons for Airline Flight Delays at Cardiff Airport

Usually, flights from Cardiff Airport to other places are on time; however, because of the low passenger traffic, due to under booking, the flights to Cardiff can be delayed for more than an hour. Sometimes, travellers are informed about Cardiff flights that have been cancelled much in advance. However, many times, there are other disruptions that occur.

For instance, the technical snags which affected the Scotland ATC (air traffic controls) in January 2016 are among the high-profile delays that have occurred at Cardiff Airport. Several flights were affected because of a worker’s strike in March 2016, where there were delays of more than 3 hours (102 in total) and many flights were cancelled too.

Delays because of weather disruptions are common reasons for the delay of flights. And, this occurs especially during the peak winter. In April 2016, several flights to/from Cardiff Airport were delayed for many hours because of early morning fog.

How We Help You Get Compensation for Your Delayed Flight?

delays at cardiff airport

Since delays are quite a common occurrence at Cardiff Airport, it becomes very easy for the airlines to blame the airport management for the delay, which makes it very difficult for travellers to claim compensation that they are entitled to.

Our main objective is to enable you to get compensation for any major delays that can be endorsed as actions or failure to act by the airline. Even if the weather is the cause of the flight delay, our panel of experts have the expertise to go through the claims to determine if the claim can be proved legally. We also have the expertise to handle claims on delays by airlines quoting technical issues. You can depend on us to represent and support you through the entire process.

We will investigate all cases of Cardiff Airport delays hitting the 3-hour limit to ensure that that the airline is at fault and if we can prove that the airline is responsible for the delay, you can expect compensation up to €600 per passenger. In the past, we have been able to book several airlines which operate from Cardiff Airport and ensure that our clients have received their due compensation. Provide us with the details of your flight that has been delayed at Cardiff Airport and we will investigate and kick-start the compensation claims process quickly for you.

Which Airlines flying from/to Cardiff Airport are most likely to have delays?

Flybe and Vueling have the highest incidence of flight delays, however they are only 2 of around 60 Airlines that operate from Cardiff Airport.

What can I do if my flight is cancelled from Cardiff Airport?

The Airline has an obligation to it’s passengers – any delays while waiting for the next scheduled flight should mean the Airline has to assist passengers with vouchers for refreshments, transport if required as well as accommodation if the next flight isn’t until the following day.

If the airline does not tell passengers about the delay or cancellation and re-routed flight, with enough notice (or at all), there could be compensation due for this too.

Sometimes flight operators fob off passengers who try to claim by saying the reason they cannot compensate them is that the airline’s issues were related to bad weather which is an ‘extraordinary circumstance’ – in other words, something out of their control. Do check up on this – we can most definitely help and fight the airlines on your behalf.

My Flight from Cardiff Airport is diverted, what can I do to get compensation?

For diverted flights, the process is much the same as for delays or cancelled flights. Once the plane lands at the diversion airport, an examination begins, taking into consideration potential ‘extraordinary circumstances’. From this point the aircraft will go on to the original destination or a decision will be made to keep it grounded. As with flight delays, the same applies for diversions, so if it’s a 3 hour or longer wait, and happened up to 6 years ago.

What if my flight from Cardiff was overbooked?

Airlines have problems when all passengers show up to fly with their tickets, and the airline has overbooked the flight, meaning they’ll have to deny boarding to some passengers. They will firstly ask for passengers to volunteer to give up their seats, failing that, the next step is to deny boarding to flights out of Cardiff Airport. If you’re randomly selected and they deny your boarding, they legally have to offer you refreshment vouchers as well as accommodation. You can sometimes request compensation on top of this.

How much compensation can I get from a Cardiff airport delay?

This depends on length of delay as well as distance travelled. The amounts below are set out by EU Regulation 261/2004

  • Up to 1,500km 3 hours or more Roughly £226/€250
  • Between 1,500km – 3,500km 3 hours or more Roughly £361/€400
  • Over 3,500km 3 to 4 hours Roughly £271/€300
  • Over 3,500km 4 hours or more Roughly £540/€600

How do I make a claim?

Here’s what to do to make a claim with AirClaims – Click the button below and enter your flight number and some more details, and we will investigate your flight in more depth. There is no charge to make an enquiry, but you could receive anything from £220 to £550 in compensation, depending on the distance travelled and length of your delay.