East Midlands Flight Delay Compensation

Reasons for Delays at East Midlands Airport

Just as in any other airport, time and again, there are flight delays even at East Midlands Airport (EMA). However, because of the low foot traffic, flight cancellations at East Midlands Airport are usually resolved promptly. Nevertheless, there have been many instances where flight issues have taken longer to resolve than usual. In which case you’d be entitled to make a flight claim for East Midlands delays, even if it was a historical flight delay up to 6 years ago, we may be able to help – just use our calculator and we can dig out more information to assist with your claim. Worth noting that any East Midlands airport weather delays would be classed as an ‘extraordinary circumstance’ and not lead to a successful claim.

  • A high-profile example was in 2013, where many flights were cancelled over a period of 48 hours because of weather problems.
  • In 2014, flights were delayed at East Midlands Airport because of the French ATC staff strike.
  • In January 2016, the runway at EMA was closed because of an emergency landing.

How to Claim Compensation for a Flight Delayed at East Midlands Airport

east midlands airport delays

  • Flight delayed by 3hrs or more?
  • Denied boarding or missed connection?
  • Flight re-routed to the wrong Airport?
  • Get up to £510 payout per passenger

If there has been a delay in the arrival or departure of your flight from EMA airport, you may be eligible to receive compensation. We can search East Midlands airport delays today and even go back 6 years. Here are some tips on what you can do to claim compensation.

  • Confirm with the airline why your flight has been delayed.
  • Keep your travel details and your ticket.
  • Collect proof like photos, receipts of expenses, vouchers, etc.
  • Make sure that you claim the basic services and benefits due to you at EMA such as free food and beverages, 2 phone calls and emails/ faxes.

How You Can Claim Compensation for EMA Flight Delays

Although the instances of extended East Midlands Airport flight delays may be far and few, if your flight is delayed for over 3 hours, you can rely on our expertise to ensure that you get compensation. We have several years of experience and have handled hundreds of cases involving various airlines that operate via this airport and have successfully helped passengers get compensation from major airlines by representing them in court.

We will explore all angles to get you the compensation due to you if we believe that there is a reason. And, if we can prove the responsibility of the airline, you could get compensation of up to £510 per passenger. Give us all your flight details and we assure to immediately start your compensation claims process.

How can I file for flight compensation for flights out of East Midlands?

Although you are less likely to witness extended air delays at East Midlands Airport, you can count on us to help you get compensation if you are ever delayed for more than 3 hours. Our years of experience in the industry mean we have successfully handled cases involving majority of the airlines that ply different routes through this airport. Supply us with your flight details to begin the claims process immediately.

Are any Ryanair flights from East Midlands Cancelled?

The best way to find out about cancellations from East Midlands Airport (EMA) is to check their website which is: https://www.eastmidlandsairport.com/flight-information/departures/, you will see the status, terminal and airline.