Edinburgh Airport Flight Delay Compensation

Did you know that you can get compensation of up to £510 per ticket if you have been waiting at the airport because your flight was delayed for 3 hours or more, if you were denied boarding or you missed your connecting flight because of the airline or if your flight was re-routed to a different airport? Well, that’s true and we can help you get compensation.

What Are the Reasons for Flight Delays at the Edinburgh Airport?

Flight suspensions are quite common at the Edinburgh Airport because is the busiest airport in Scotland and the 6th busiest in the United Kingdom. However, usually, most stoppages are low profile and are typically sorted in an hour. This is especially the case when the hold up is because of airline-related logistical issues.

A major reason for the suspension of flights on a larger scale is due to ATC problems. Typically, the ATC system of the Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow airports work very closely and a problem in any one of the airports results in delays across all of them. The most high-profile delay occurred in October 2015 which was caused due to interference in radio frequencies, holding up several flights across the United Kingdom for hours.

How We Help You Get Compensation For Your Edinburgh Airport Flight Delays

As we mentioned above, most of the flight issues at Edinburgh Airport are resolved very quickly, which means that you are likely to be held up for less than 3 hours, which is the mandatory time period required by the EU to qualify for compensation. However, if you have suffered the rare occurrence of a delayed flight of over 3 hours, you can depend on us to help you to receive compensation for the same.

You can rely on our experience and expertise to represent you in court against any airline that operates from Edinburgh Airport. And, if we are able to establish that the flight delay was because of the fault of the airline, we will ensure that you will get compensation. All you need to do is fill out a simple form and provide all the information regarding your flight to enable us to get to work quickly and you can receive a compensation of up to £510 per ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if my Edinburgh flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked?

  • Go straight to the Airline you are flying with, ask them why the flight is delayed
  • Keep your documents including print out of your booking confirmation & flight number, boarding pass, e-ticket, etc.
  • Try to get proof that there has been a delay in the form of photos, videos, original receipts of drinks, food etc that you’ve had to buy as a result of the delay
  • Have a look at other flights to see if they are delayed, see if it looks like there’s any bad weather that would affect flights – take video and photo evidence.
  • The airline has a duty toward it’s passengers, to provide refreshments and services if the delay is ongoing
  • Exchange contact info with other passengers, a group presents a potentially stronger case than an individual

What’s the best way to get compensation?

Most of the flight issues at Edinburgh are quickly resolved. This means you are less likely to be detained for up to the mandatory 3 hours required by the EU to be qualified for a payout. If you have been a victim of such a rare occurrence however, you can count on us to help you get the best possible refund. Even if it happened 6 years ago. We will represent you against any of the airlines that operate from here in court, as soon as we can establish the fact that the airline was solely at fault for the delays. Use our simple form to provide us with information on your flight and we can quickly get to work.

How much compensation can I get if my Airline was delayed over 3 hours?

Depending on the distance, you could be due up to £510 per passenger!

How do I find Edinburgh airport delays today?

For information on flight delays from Edinburgh Airport, have a look at their website which lists live departures & arrivals, schedules, and status https://www.edinburghairport.com/flights/live-flight-departures.

Independent Flight Claim Specialists can FIGHT the Airlines for YOU!

  • Have you been left ‘stranded’ waiting for a flight over 3 hours?
  • Missed a connection or denied boarding due to the Airline?
  • Was your flight re-routed to a completely different Airport?
  • Find out if you can get up to £510 compensation for each passenger…