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Flight Delay Compensation: An Overview Of The Problem.

​General concerns regarding flight delays and how to get compensation for your troubles, and losses due to the delay.

Q: What is an 'actionable' flight delay?

Q: What should I do to claim my flight delay compensation?

Q: What can you do during flight delays?

Q: What is causing my flight delay? 

Q: What are some extraordinary circumstances regarding flight delay compensations?

Q: How to handle a flight delay?

Q: When does a flight delay become a cancellation?

Q: What is delayed flight insurance?

Q: What does my delayed flight insurance cover?

Q: Who is responsible for flight delays?

Q: How to calculate flight delay payout?

Q: What is the procedure to complain about a flight delay?

Q: How to write a flight delay letter?

My Own Experience: Personal Worries Regarding Flight Delays

Some of the most important questions you might ask yourself if your flight is delayed.

Q: My flight was delayed for over 6 hours, what are my rights regarding settlement?

Q: My flight is going to be delayed and I’ll probably go nuts, how can I deal with being stuck in the airport for over 10 hours?

Q: Is there any way for me to find out if my flight will be delayed before going to the airport?

Q: I fly regularly and flight delays are always messing up my schedule. What can I do to avoid a flight delay?

Q: How can I prove to my Flight insurance company that I had a flight delay?

Q: I’m traveling with a group/relatives. Can I claim a compensation for them as well?

Q: Can I claim compensation for a flight that I took several months ago?

Q: I used air miles to pay for my ticket. Can I still claim compensation?

Q: I agreed to board a flight from a different airline. Am I still entitled to claim the compensation?

Q: The Airline is offering vouchers and/or fly miles instead of cash money. Should I accept that?

Q: I bought my ticket through a travel agency. Does that mean that I’m not entitled to a flight delay compensation?

Q: My flight was delayed and I missed my connection. Can I claim a flight delay compensation?

Q: I booked a charter flight and it was delayed. Does that qualify for flight delay compensation?

Q: I was traveling in a group and our plane was delayed. Do I have to claim compensation for each per person separately?

Q: I have lost my travel documents. Can I still make a claim for a flight delay?