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Find out how much reparation you can expect by entering your flight details in our flight compensation calculator.

Here at AirClaims.co.uk – the flight delay compensation specialist, claiming your flight compensation is simple. 

With our flight delay calculator, you claims will be assessed as quickly as possible. Our calculator is simple enough that anyone can use it to get an estimate of potential payouts.

Calculate What You Are Entitled To

Using our calculator you can work out if you can claim or not. If you want us to sort out the complications of claiming then our service comes with no upfront cost, if you apply and we don’t win, you have nothing to pay.

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    Start by telling us if you know your flight number, don't worry if you don't know it, we can look up this information for you:

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    Unfortunately, you can only claim if your delay was 3 hours or longer.


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    You can quickly look through the flight distances and times, weather conditions and match your case with other similar and successful claims in our database to give you a realistic result instantly.

    Additionally, it is cheaper than serving court proceedings to the airline on your own.

    Our Claims Process

    We fully represent you against the airlines. We go beyond simply issuing letters for you to send to the airlines on your own. Here are some of the things we do for you:

    • We issue court papers to the airlines if they haven’t responded to your claim within 30 days
    • We will be your legal representatives in court, paying all court fees
    • We generate and pay for reports that will be used against weather or technical defect claims from the airlines
    • We ensure you won’t be exposed to any financial risks as you only pay a fee after we have won your case

    How Much Compensation Should I Expect?

    The compensation amounts have been set by the EU law, Regulation 261/2004. Regardless of the price of your ticket, the compensation amount will be the same. You may receive up to €600 with your claim, per passenger.

    For a couple or a family, the total amount will, therefore, be very sizeable. Use our flight compensation calculator and kick-start your process today.