Newcastle Airport Flight Delay Compensation

Reasons for Delays at Newcastle Airport

Some examples of historic delays at Newcastle airport are:

  • In January 2018, Newcastle airport was forced to close down because of a raging fire nearby and all flights were grounded
  • In March 2018, severe weather conditions in the UK caused several flights to be delayed or cancelled at Newcastle Airport
  • In June 2018, thick morning fog caused several flights to be grounded at Newcastle Airport

Tips to Claim Compensation for a Flight Delayed at Newcastle Airport

You are eligible to receive compensation from the airline if there is a delay in the departure or arrival of your flight at Newcastle Airport.

Tips for what to do when you’re delayed at Newcastle Airport

  • Make a note of the details of your travel and keep your ticket safely
  • Check why your flight has been delayed.
  • Collect proof such as vouchers, expense receipts, photographs, vouchers, etc.
  • Ensure that you receive the basic benefits and services at the airport such as free food and beverages, emails or faxes and 2 phone calls.
  • How Can We Help You Get Compensation for Your Delayed Flight?

    Newcastle Airport is a busy one and it is inevitable that flights are delayed. Delayed flights can be a very serious disruption for passengers and if the flight is delayed for over 3 hours, then passengers can legally claim compensation, even for delays that have occurred 6 years ago.

    And, we can help you claim compensation. We have the necessary experience to handle your claims for compensation for delays that have occurred at Newcastle Airport. Give us your flight details and we will start the claims process immediately.

    Are Newcastle Airport Delays Happening With All Airlines?

    Here’s a list of Airlines operating to and from Newcastle – there undoubtedly must have been numerous disruption and delay claims among many of these Airlines, if not all.

    • British Airways
    • Air France
    • Lufthansa
    • EasyJet
    • Jet2
    • Flybe

    How can I find flight cancellations for Newcastle Airport (NCL)?

    Newcastle airport cancelled flights can be found on their official website which shows departures and arrival, under the status column it should show any disruptions. You can find this page here:, you can also enter your flight number to check flight status.

    Can I get compensation for Newcastle Airport weather delays?

    According to Eu regulation 261/2004, you cannot as that is classed as an extraordinary circumstance, which is completely out of the airlines control. So Fog, Snow, any other Newcastle Airport delays due to weather conditions are not covered.