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History of Ryanair Setbacks


Cheap flights and a controversial CEO, Ryanair is hard to ignore. CEO Michael O’Leary is well known throughout the U.K for outrageous statements, public feuds and a knack for generating publicity both good and bad. But what about the airline?

The Competitive History of Ryanair

In 1985, there were only two options for flying between London and Ireland. They were British Airways and Aer Lingus. Sensing a need for a low cost airline, Ryanair was created.Unfortunately, they operated at a loss for over seven years. In 1991 Michael O’Leary was brought on to take the company in a new direction. Under his guidance, Ryanair shifted focus towards low cost air travel.

They received another boost to business thanks to deregulation. In 1992, Europe’s airline industry changed to allow internal flights for all companies within European borders. The completion between low cost airlines was brutal, with many small companies going under. Ryanair was one of the few to not only survive, but thrive!

Ryanair’s Most Popular Routes

From their humble beginnings, Ryanair has grown to an international success story. They operate from over 65 locations, most within Europe and North Africa. Their busiest hub is London Stansted with their home in Dublin a close second.

Like most discount airlines, summer is the busy season. The most popular holiday flights on Ryanair are to Italy and Spain (Milan Orio al Serio and Barcelona, respectively). You might notice that many Ryanair flights arrive and depart from provincial airports. This helps them avoid the delays often associated with busy metropolitan airports.

The Ryanair Passenger Experience

Ryanair’s main goal is to always provide the lowest prices possible. This means no frills during the flight. Ryanair also keeps operating costs low by creating tight flight schedules. The less their planes have to sit on the runway, the more money Ryanair saves. Unfortunately, this busy schedule can lead to delays. Instead of fixing problems the moment they occur, problems are sometimes attended to only before they become safety issues.

Ryanair Pluses and Minuses

If you’ve flown Ryanair before, you likely either loved the experience or hated it. There’s no shortage of strong opinions about the outspoken O’Malley and his discount airline. Passengers who plan ahead and are able to take advantage of one of Ryanair’s famous promotions will likely be able to book a very inexpensive flight. The key to success here is to have enough time to wait for Ryanair to offer a good deal. Also of note, recently Ryanair has made a commitment to reduce or eliminate many hidden fees. They now allow for more baggage while also reducing baggage fees. Also reduced is the fee for printing boarding passes.

Ryanair Minuses

Ryanair delayed flights do occur. Unfortunately, Ryanair isn’t known for excellent customer service at times. Passengers might need to seek outside help in order to receive financial compensation, which is possible even if the flight took place up to six years ago. For more information click the button below: