Southampton Airport Flight Delay Compensation

How We Can Help You to Get Compensation for Your Delayed Flight

There are many low-cost budget airlines that operate from Southampton Airport to popular summer holiday destinations and during the summer months, you can encounter large crowds at the airport and flight delays can occur. And, if your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours at Southampton Airport, as per the EU regulation 261/2004, you are eligible to receive compensation – even if it was up to 6 years ago.

You can depend on us to help you get compensation for flights delayed at Southampton Airport. We have the expertise to represent you legally against any airline that operates from Southampton Airport. If we can establish that the delayed flight was because of the fault of the airline, then we will ensure that you receive compensation. Simply provide us with all the details of your delayed flight, and we will start working immediately to ensure that you get compensation — you’re eligible to get up to £510 per passenger.

Reasons for Delays at Southampton Airport

Flight delays are quite common and some of the Southampton Airport delays are due to:

  • In February 2019, several flights into and from Southampton Airport (SOU) were cancelled or delayed because of fog and poor visibility.
  • In February 2019, the runway at Southampton Airport was shut after a light airplane had a tyre blowout and was stranded in the middle of the runway causing a number of flights to be diverted or delayed.
  • In April 2019, the travel firm FlyLolo cancelled around 140 flights from and to Southampton Airport causing a lot of chaos.
  • In July 2019, Southampton Airport runway was closed and several flights were diverted or delayed when the tyre of a private jet blew out while it was landing.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Southampton flight is delayed – what should I do?

Any delay of 2 hours or more and you should be entitled to some vouchers for refreshments, you’ll need to speak to the airline directly to claim them.

As soon as possible you should do the following – Get as much data as you can:

  • From the Airline about why there’s a delay
  • By taking photos of receipts, food and drink vouchers (keep hold of originals too)
  • Keep hold of all documents such as your flight tickets, any correspondence/letters, receipts, etc

How much compensation do you get for Southampton flight delays?

If your flight from Southampton is delayed, cancelled or overbooked and you have been left waiting for 3 or more hours, as a passenger with a valid ticket, you are entitled to up to £550 compensation per person. This applies for flights into Southampton Airport as well.

How long do flight delays at Southampton Airport have to be to get compensation?

As mentioned above, delays lasting 3 or more hours are all that’s required for you to seek a compensation claim and settlement from the Airline. The longer the delay, the more you can claim for. This is also true for travelling distance too.

How long after a Southampton International Airport flight delay compensation can you claim compensation?

With any Southampton flight delay, and using EU Reg 261/2004, the affected passenger(s) can seek compensation up to 6 years retrospectively. So if you’re in any doubt, please enter your details on our flight delay compensation calculator to find out!

Which Airlines flying from Southampton Airport are most likely to have delays?

Southampton Airport Airlines with the highest chance of delays are Flybe and Air France.

How can I find out about Southampton Airport cancellations?

The easy way to find out if your flight has been cancelled is to call and speak to the airline directly, or alternatively you can visit the official Southampton International Airport website, here: where it will show the airline status.