Southend Flight Delay Compensation

How to Get Compensation for Delay at Southend Airport?

While airport delays at Southend Airport are quite rare, they do happen and when such an event occurs where your flight is delayed for over 3 hours, you can depend on us to help you receive full compensation. We are independent flight claim experts and we have the necessary knowledge, understanding and expertise to investigate the finer details of the delay, cancellation or overbooking, so we can ensure the airline is held responsible if we are able to prove that they are liable for the delay.

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How to qualify for London Southend flight delay compensation:

  • If your flight was delayed by 3 hours or more
  • If you missed a connecting flight because of a cancellation
  • If you were denied boarding due to overbooking
  • If your flight was rerouted to a different airport

If you have faced any of the above issues, we can help you get compensation by fighting the airlines in court on your behalf. We will represent, support and keep you updated you every step of the way. If the fault was within the airline’s control, and that can be proven, then you will be due compensation.

We have ensured that thousands of passengers have received compensation for delays and we are sure that we can get you the due compensation if you qualify. Send us more details of your delayed flight and we can help you get compensation of up to £510 for every ticket you have purchased.

Reasons for Delays at Southend Airport Airport

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At London Southend Airport, flight delays are a rare occurrence and as per the data from CAA, only 14% of flights are delayed. However, the airport processes are affected from time to time by other external factors such as weather conditions, strikes, etc. For example:

  • In February, 2019, several flights to and from Southend Airport were cancelled or delayed due to heavy fog.
  • In September 2014, several flights were delayed because of a bomb scare and the police were called to handle a suspicious package found at the airport.
  • In November 2015, hundreds of flights were suspended or cancelled because of fog.
  • The airlines EasyJet and FlyBe had technical issues in March 2016, which led to flights that were delayed for over 4 hours.
    • We are Independent Flight Claim Specialists!
    • We will fight the airlines on your behalf!
    • Get up to £510 reimbursement per passenger!
    • Was your flight postponed by 3 hours or more?
    • Were you denied boarding or missed a connection?
    • Was your flight re-routed to a completely different Airport?
    • No Win – No Fee!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Compensation Can I Get for a Flight Delay at Southend Airport?

    Band 1 Compensation: €250 or roughly £225 – This covers distances of 1500km or less.
    For example a delayed flight from Southend to Alicante, Berne or Amsterdam would be in this band.

    Band 2 Compensation: €400 or roughly £360 – This is for distances between 1501km and 3000Km.
    For example a delayed flight from Southend to Tenerife South, Malaga or Faro would be in this band.

    Band 3: As no flights currently fly from Southend go over 3,000km this band would not apply.

    An example of a delayed flight from Southend to Paris where passengers never got their compensation was details in this news article, the reason the airline denied compensation was because of severe fog in the area. According to eu regulation 261/2004, anything outside of the airline’s control is deemed ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and therefore the Airline are under no legal obligation to compensate passengers. They did however cover the cost of alternative travel.

    Can I make a claim for Southend Airport delays myself?

    Absolutely, claiming compensation for a delayed flight at Southend Airport is possible. However, it can take a frustrating amount of time without the proper knowledge, contacts & experience. When dealing with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) as doing it yourself may increase chances of your claim being ‘brushed aside’ and denied as they know they can get away with it easily when dealing directly with passengers. There is a greater chance of winning a claim by using our professional flight delay compensation services, while being more effective time-wise too.

    We operate a no win, no fee service so there really is no risk to getting in touch so you can find out more, and the likely hood of your delay being successful. Click the button below!