Stansted Airport Flight Delay Compensation – Claim €600!

How You Can Claim Compensation for Flight Delays

When they occur, delays may be because of the fault of the airline or the management and it can be quite tricky to determine who is at fault. However, you can now have complete peace of mind knowing that we are fully experienced at analysing and determining the situations that caused the delays to ensure that your rights are protected – and that you get your compensation! If your Stansted flight was delayed by over 3 hours, you could be due between £224/€250 and £530/€600, this also depends on distance travelled. You also have rights such as free refreshments, food and accommodation depending on how long you are delayed for (more on that below).

If we can prove that the airline did not behave according to the expected standards, then we can help you to get the compensation due to you. Our flight delay compensation process is straightforward and simple. We will represent you in court every step of the way and if we do not win your case, then you don’t have to pay us anything.

Reasons for Delays at London Stansted Airport

As the hub for several budget flights, London Stansted Airport handles thousands of travellers each day and often there are delayed flights because of the large number of passengers. The extent of delay of the flights varies from under half an hour up to 24 hours. Most often, the cause of delays at Stansted airport is because of bad weather.

Examples of delays at Stansted Airport:

  • In December 2013, an ATC glitch affected over 100,000 passengers at Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick airports.
  • In February 2014, passengers were left on a RyanAir aircraft for over 3 hours and had to call the police. The police then arrived and forced the airline to open the aircraft and serve refreshments to the passengers onboard. The RyanAir flight was delayed by over 11 hours and the airlines claimed that the fuelling and passenger handling process was delayed because of strong winds causing the delay. However, they could have handled the passengers in a better manner.
  • In 2015, thousands of travellers faced flight delays after the staff at Stansted airport opened the wrong door for passengers who were arriving. The passengers were sent to the departure lounge and then later, they had to go through security.
  • In 2015, thousands of passengers were stranded at Stansted Airport when hundreds of flights got cancelled because the French air control employees went on strike.

Cancelled Flights at Stansted and what you can do about it today

stansted airport delays

  • We are Independent Flight Claim Specialists
  • We will fight the airlines on your behalf
  • Get up to £510 reimbursement per passenger.
  • No Win – No Fee!
  • Was your flight delayed by 3 hours or more?
  • Were you denied boarding or missed a connection?
  • Was your flight re-routed to a completely different Airport?

Frequently Asked Questions About Stansted Airport Delays

How to claim damages for flight delays:

From the above possible cause of protractions, you can see that most of the major delays at Stansted are the fault of airport management instead of the airlines. However, we are fully experienced at analysing the situations that led to the stoppage to be sure the airlines are not culpable in anyway. If we deem the airlines to have behaved in a manner that is below expected standards, we can help you get compensation.Our flight deferment indemnification process is simple and straightforward. We represent you every step of the way. Remember, you won’t pay anything if we don’t win your case!

Any Stansted airport delays today?

To find out if there are any delays at Stansted Airport for today, simply visit their departures page on their website here: you can see the status of all departures and arrivals to see if there are any delayed or cancelled flights. You can also search for your flight or destination to find more information on any problems at Stansted airport in real time.

What airlines use Stansted airport, who are likely to be delayed?

Ryanair, EasyJet, Thomson Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Eurowings, British Airways, Titan Airways, Air Modolva, Cobalt Air.

Overbooked flights at Stansted and Denied Boarding?

If your airline booked too many people onto your flight, this is what’s referred to as an overbooked flight or overbooking. When this happens it’s because the airline has oversold the number of available flight tickets. Usually the airline will ask for people to volunteer (give up) their seat in exchange for vouchers. If no one volunteers then people are chosen randomly to give up their tickets and they are denied boarding. Because this is technically the fault of the airline, and if an overbooked flight leads to a delay of over 3 hours, you could well be due compensation according to EU Regulation 261/2004. Use our quick compensation calculator to find out today!

What should I do when there are flight delays from Stansted?

  • Speak to the airline directly to find out why there has been a delay
  • Try to get proof in the form of photos, videos, etc on your mobile phone
  • Keep hold of any documents, tickets, receipts, vouchers due to expenses incurred because of the delay
  • You are within your rights to request basic benefits and services due to your delay (see What are my rights below)
  • Speak to and swap contact information with other passengers facing the same delays with the same airline as you

What are my rights during the delay?

Here’s what you can expect, and request from the delayed airline, depending on certain circumstances:

  • If your flight is under 1500km: A 2 hour delay means you are entitled to vouchers for refreshments, 2 phone calls, emails or faxes.
  • If your flight is between 1501km – 3500km: A 3 hour or more delay means you are entitled to the same as above
  • If your flight is over 3500km: A 4 hour+ delay means you are entitled to the same as above
  • Any delay over 5 hours means you can request a refund on your flight. They will have to offer you a refund or offer alternative transport.
  • If your flight is postponed until the next day: Alternative accommodation has to be arranged by the airline. Transport to and from hotel and airport also.

How much compensation could I get if an airline is delayed at Stansted?

You could get between £224/€250 to £530/€600 in compensation. Here’s the breakdown in more detail:

You’re flying within the European Union:
– If your flight is up to 1500km: £224/€250
– If your flight is over 1500km: £350/€400

You’re flying outside the European Union:
– If your flight is up to 1500km: £224/€250
– If your flight is between 1501km – 3500km: £350/€400
– If your flight is more than 3500km: £530/€600