Thomas Cook Flight Delay Compensation

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Thomas Cook Airlines: Great Value for Travellers

Their company fortunes ebbed and flowed but about six years ago Thomas Cook re-emerged as a budget-conscious travel airline. Today their fleet consists of 31 aircraft including:

> Airbus A320> Airbus A321> Airbus 330> Boeing 757> Boeing 767

The Thomas Cook fleet has a presence at 10 UK airports. Their main two bases are London Gatwick and Manchester. The airline covers both Europe as well as popular destinations around the world. They fly regular routes to:> Africa> Asia> North America

Thomas Cook Group Airlines consists of four divisions. They are Thomas Cook Airlines UK, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and Condor Flugdienst GmbH (German-based). If you plan to travel internationally, it’s often nice to be familiar with the airline you’ll be travelling on. Customer service for each of the four is all handled by the Thomas Cook Group.

How The Thomas Cook Brand Came About…

First, to answer the most common question: Yes, Thomas Cook was a real person. He founded one of the world’s most famous travel brands. In 1841, Cook arranged a steam train trip for his temperance group. They travelled from Leicester to Loughborough. By the end, the trip was deemed such a success that Cook decided to arrange more. Over the years, Cook had a lot of success arranging large group holidays to Scotland, Wales and other U.K sites. The company’s complete history is a fascinating study of not only Cook but the entire field of U.K. holiday travel.

Market Size of Thomas Cook Airlines & Potential for Postponed Flights

The late Thomas Cook would probably be proud and amazed by the success of the airline which bears his name. Since 2013 they’ve consistently ranked at least sixth in market share. They carry upwards of six million passengers each year. They’re also frequently recognised for Environmental Responsibility. Exploring the natural world was important to Thomas Cook, and this philosophy has carried on in spirit.

Times have changed quite a bit since the initial days of voyage by steam train. But air travel is still far from perfect. If you’ve experienced a delayed flight, you could get over £500 in compensation (per passenger). Doing it through is often quicker than attempting to deal with the airline directly. Click the link below to learn how government regulations can help you, even if your flight problems occurred up to 6 years ago.