Thomson Flight Delay Compensation – Grab Yourself Over £540 Per Passenger

It’s now possible, thanks to Eu Reg 261, to get a payout for a delayed flight from the airlines. We are experts at getting compensation for our clients. Ready to get your money back? Then click below for our No-Win, No-Fee Offer!

Overview of Thomson Airlines & History of Delays

Package travel holidays from the UK to Spain seem common now, but in 1962 they were relatively new. About 50 years ago Thomson Airways offered their very first package holiday. Departing from Manchester and arriving at Spain, 82 folks paid only 44 GBP for a 13 day holiday.

Thomson Airways is the largest private charter airline in the world. The company’s growth is directly tied into the growth of private holiday travel packages from the UK to Spain. As customer demand grew, many of the smaller airlines were forced to merge in order to survive.

Thomson Airways began in 1964 under the Euravia. Over the next two decades, the company underwent several name changes including Britannia and Thomsonfly. They also acquired many competing airlines including First Choice Holidays and Orion Airways. Even though the name Thomas Airways has only been around for about 10 years, the core of the company has practically unrivalled charter airline experience.

The Postponement-Free Thomson Holidays of Today

Today, they offer routes to Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. As befitting their origins, they offer flights to popular tourist destinations around the world including:

  • Europe: Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, the Balearic, the Canary Islands and more
  • Africa: Egypt, Cape Verde Islands, Morocco, and Mauritius
  • Asia: India, Thailand and others
  • The Caribbean, Dominica Republic, Jamaica and Barbados

Professional Service at All Levels

As the largest charter company in the world, Thomson Airways generally has a reputation for professional service on both short and long haul flights. Short haul passengers are offered snacks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Thomson also offers “The Eatery,” their own line of hot snacks. For long haul, they offer a personal entertainment centre with a 7” television.

Thomson Airways carries over 10 million passengers and six million kilograms of freight a year. Unfortunately, this large volume practically guarantees problems are inevitable, at least sometimes. Thomson flight delays, cancellations and over bookings do occur to many passengers each year. If you’ve experienced any of these issues on a Thomson flight, click on the button below for more information about your options. Even if the incident occurred several years ago you could still be able to receive compensation.