Virgin Atlantic Flight Delay Compensation – Claim Over €2400 For 4 Passengers

Virgin Airlines: Can Travellers Experiencing Delays Get Their Compensation?

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Richard Branson & Virgin Atlantic Airways Setbacks

If you’ve heard of Sir Richard Branson, you’ve heard of Virgin Atlantic Airways. But AirClaims knows there’s more to this British airline than the fun-loving billionaire. For starters, Virgin Atlantic doesn’t operate entirely under the larger Virgin Airlines brand. Instead, they’re controlled by Virgin Atlantic Limited, which has 51% ownership by Virgin Group and 49% ownership by Delta Air Lines. While many customers tie Virgin Atlantic into the larger Virgin brand, that’s not really the case. Virgin Atlantic has a different infrastructure and management.

This doesn’t mean Virgin is a small airline by any means. They fly over 5.4 million passengers a year to destinations around the world. The company has two primary headquarters: London Heathrow and London Gatwick. They have a smaller base in Manchester with additional flights from Belfast and Glasgow. They offer regular flights to most major world destinations including: North America (including the U.S.), Asia, Africa, The Middle East & The Caribbean​

The Virgin Airlines Travel Experience

With so many flights each day, occasional problems are inevitable. Delays, cancellations and other incidents can really ruin a holiday! Fortunately, if Virgin delayed flights have caused you problems, a financial settlement might be available. Click below to learn more about all your legal options: